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For Cathodic Protection

Meets or exceeds the specification of US MIL.SPEC MIL-A-18001
Made from special high grade electrolytic zinc 99.995% purity

The protection of the underwater metal parts of your vessel or engine from corrosive electrolytic (galvanic) action is a very real concern. The use of DLM activated alloy anodes is your simple answer.

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HOT TIPS for the use and
installation of DLM Anodes

If anodes are more than 50% deteriorated, they should be replaced.
Anodes should not be fitted within 300mm of the line of the propeller tips to avoid disturbing water flow to the propeller.
Locate anodes below lowest water line, where they will not be subjected to damage from jetty pilings, anchor chains, etc.
Do not paint anodes.
Do not install anodes over painted metals. Metal to metal contact must be maintained.
Special anodes can be made to suit individual requirements. (POA)
DLM anodes are available in "bolt-on" and "weld-on" options, with attachment inserts cast as an integral part of the anode.
Weld-on hull anodes have projecting tabs for tack welding to the ships structure.


DLM Anodes
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