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  Specialty Metals & Alloys

DLM produce a wide variety of specialty casting and bullet metals. We also supply and distribute Centrifugal Spin Casting equipment.

Price and availability on application. Please contact us with your specification.

Casting Metals

Centrifugal spin casting alloys, gravity pour alloys & pewter alloys.

Casting metals are commonly used in production of costume jewellery, fishing tackle & jigs, medallions, trophies, belt buckles, name badges, silverware, pewterware, figurines, toy soldiers, to name a few.

Lead Free Tin Rich

Tin Rich Alloys
  JA12 Casting Metal

Lead Bearing Casting Metals
  CM3 Jewellery Metal
  J Metal

Centrifugal Spin Casting Equipment

Centrifugal casting is both gravity- and pressure-independent since it creates its own force feed using a temporary sand mold held in a spinning chamber at up to 900 N. Small art pieces such as jewelry are often cast by this method using the lost wax process, as the forces enable the rather viscous liquid metals to flow through very small passages and into fine details such as leaves, feathers and hands.

We can source and supply. POA

Bullet Metal

Available in custom alloys made to order in 5kg ingots. For more
information contact DLM. Minimum quantity 100 kg.