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For more details and technical information about Solder Products Consolidated and the DLM range of solders and fluxes, please download our spec sheet.

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Tin / Lead Soft Solders

63% Tin 37% Lead                            Electrical Wave Soldering (Eutectic)
60% Tin 40% Lead                            General Electrical & Lead Lighting
50% Tin 50% Lead                            General Plumbers Solder
40% Tin 60% Lead                            Blow pipe / Radiator Repair
35% Tin 65% Lead                            Wiping of Cable / Pipe Joints
30% Tin 70% Lead                            Wiping of Cable / Pipe Joints
27% Tin 73% Lead                            Panel beating and body work

Tin / Lead Soft Solders
Antimonial / Tin / Lead Soft Solders

Price and availability on application

Antimonial / Tin / Lead Soft Solders
Lead Free Soft Solders - for elevated temperatures

96.5% Tin 3.5% Silver            EUTECTIC
95% Tin 5% Antimony            Electrical equipment, high conductivity + MP*
99.3% Tin 0.7% Copper         Hard tin - resists foodstuffs, drugs, artist colours

Available in resin core and solid wire
Lead Free Soft Solders - for elevated temperatures

DLM general purpose flux            Soldering flux (All non ferrous metals)                100ml & 1 litre bottles
Bakers Soldering paste                Soldering flux paste                                             150 gram tin

Flux Notes:

*Type 39 Flux is available in 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, & 60/40 Resin Core Solder
- More aggressive flux suited to older electrical soldering, automotive and refrigeration repair, and soldering of most non-ferrous metals.

*Type 35 Flux is only available in 60/40 Resin Core Solder
- A less aggressive flux best suited for electrical and electronic manufacturing.

DLM Handyman Range

HC60 & HR60                     Resincore solder for general electrical
                                          and leadlighting
                                          15 gram card & 55 gram reel

HC50 & HR50                     Resincore solder for hobby, toy
                                           automotive and garden repairs
                                           25 gram card & 70 gram reel

DLM Handyman Range
Miscellaneous Products

D-Lead Hand Soap Removes heavy metals from hands 500ml pump bottle
Cerrobend Fusible Alloy (aka Lippowitz) HPS
Tin Pure Tin HPS; SW; CA
Acid core solder 40% Tin 60% Lead acid core 1.6 mm 3kg reel & 2.3mm 1/2kg reel
Tin Paste Kemtex A 100 % pure tin - paste form   1 kg tins
Solder Paste Kemtex B 40% Tin 60% Lead - paste form 1 kg tins & 12.5 kg tins
Galmend Tin Zinc Lead (Repairs to Galvanising) HPS

HPS: Hand Poured Stick SW: Solid Wire CA: Castings / Anodes

Miscellaneous Products