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A high performance, neutral cure multi-purpose roof and gutter silicon sealant.


Available in Translucent.

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PROSIL 10 has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including glass, aluminium, concrete, and plastics.
5 minute skin time
Low slump
AS/NZ 4020 potable water approved
Superior Adhesion

HOT TIPS Using Silicone Sealants

Use only Neutral Cure, Alcohol Free, Low Modulus Sealant (Silicone).
Deks Industries have trailed PROSIL 10 Silicone Sealant and found it to provide a satisfactory seal between the EPDM and most commonly used roofing materials.

The base of the Dektite should be moulded by hand to form a snug fit to the roof profile.

The Dektite should then be lifted clear and a continuous bead of silicone applied to the whole of the ribbed underside of the Dektite. For an effective seal a 1 – 3mm bead of silicone is sandwiched between the two surfaces.

Pull the Dektite down to sit snugly on the roof profile and fasten with washered screws / Hex screws. NB: Screw coatings of class 4 or 5 are required.

Remove excess silicon and collect any swarf.


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry, sound, and free from dust, oil, rust or any other contamination.
Metals and glass should be cleaned with a non-oily solvent such as metholated spirits.
Solvent should be wiped from the surface with a clean dry cloth.
For plastics, contact the manufacturer for a recommended cleaning solvent.
When used on remedial work all existing sealant must be removed.


Tile Flashing

In flue applications, apply a liberal coating of sealant over worm drive mechanism.