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For purchase details and technical information about the DLM range of lead extrusions please contact DLM.

Lead Rod

Lead rod is available in specified length and sizes to order.



Lead Pipe & Tubing

Price and availability on application.


Lead Wire

LW14 2.03mm
LW12 2.64mm
LW10 3.25mm
LW08 4.06mm
LW06 4.87mm

Other sizes available- price per kg

Lead Wire
Lead Window Came

Lead Cames have long been a feature of stained glass windows in churches and
cathedrals. They consist of U or H-shaped sections of lead which hold together the
individual pieces of glass. Lead lighting has become an art and hobby of today.

Please see our Lead Came page.

Lead Window Came  
Lead Wool

Lead wool is used to seal flanged connections, cast iron, cement and earthenware
pipes, and apertures of walls and ceilings. It is also convenient for anti-radiation protection.
The lead resistance to aggressive environment is a warranty of long-term durability of seal.

2 kg hanks in 18 sw gauge.

Lead Wool  
Lead Seals

Lead seals- wire not included. For use in meter boxes, valves, pipes, timing clocks, etc.
Approximately 270 seals per kg.

2 kg box
25 kg box

Lead Seals