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  Deks Wraptite®
Deks Wraptite® is one piece self-adhesive collar for sealing pipe and conduit penetrations through external wall cavities to achieve a moisture resistant barrier and airtightness as well as improve energy efficiency. The EPDM collar is made of the same material as the renowned Dektite® (complies with CSA TIL MSE62 and IAMPO PS64), fitted with a self-adhesive apron base which is tear-resistant and water-repellent, enabling it to adhere to most clean and dry building substrates and wall underlays. Deks Wraptite

Sizes Available:
DRT8B 8mm – 12mm
DRT15B 15mm – 22mm
DRT25B 25mm – 32mm
DRT42B 42mm – 50mm
DRT50B 50mm – 70mm
DRT70B 75mm – 90mm
DRT100B 100mm – 110mm
DRT125B 125mm – 135mm
DRT150B 150mm – 165mm
DRT200B 200mm – 225mm

Product application:
Deks Wraptite® is used as a secondary airtight seal and moisture resistant barrier. Deks Wraptite® must not be used as primary flashing.

Store in cool and dry environment, do not store in direct sun light.

Shelf life:
Recommended shelf life of two years from date of manufacture

Deks Wraptite® comes with 15 years warranty

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